Month: August 2016

One Month Down

The first month of school started well. I now have 3 kids at the table!

There was a moment today when I looked up and marveled at how far we have come as a homeschool family. I had a sudden flashback to 4 years ago at this same table – teaching Xander to read in stolen moments while Arya napped and Liza nursed. I can’t say that homeschooling has gotten easier since those days, but our time together keeps getting sweeter.

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Here We Go! pt3

Today was also the first day of the fall semester of the Lubbock Homeschool Choir!

This year, we are 55 voices strong. In case you didn’t know, that is a lot of kids.

Here We Go! pt2

Today was the first official day of school! I now have three out of four at the table!

Xander is in the fourth(ish) grade.
Arya is starting the first grade.
Aliza is beginning preK.
And Aaron is our homeschool wrecker!

Today was the first day using the Schlay Room for its intended purpose. It was amazing to be in a dedicated space.

I will take a couple of weeks to really find our groove, but today went as well as it could have. Looking forward to another year of learning at home.

Here We Go!

Today was the first day of our third year of Classical Conversations. At the end of this year, Xander will have gone through all three cycle years of the Foundations program. It is Arya’s second year, and little Liza has officially moved up from the nursery and into the Abecedarians classroom!

Obligatory driveway photo:

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The focus in this year’s memory work is medieval history through the modern day, European and Middle Eastern geography, Latin verb conjugations, English parts of speech, astronomy, physics, and the usual math and world history timeline.

It was a first day of CC for me, as well. I officially began directing and tutoring a Challenge A class. These 7th graders will spend 6 hours each Monday in a conversation about math, natural science, Latin, apologetics, logic, literature, and cartography. I’m extra excited about the cartography: by the end of the year, we will all be able to draw and label the world on a blank page…from memory!

I won’t lie and say that I wasn’t nervous – I was! But the day went pretty well, and I think we have a pretty good year ahead of us.

Hello world!

We’re the Schumanns: a Christ-following, ministering, homeschooling family of 6 in Lubbock, Texas!

These are our adventures (the ones that Mom has time to sit down and write about, anyway).