Month: September 2016

The first cut is the deepest

Dissection: It’s all fun and games until someone scalpels their finger.

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As a first-time-getting-stitches story goes, it’s a pretty good one.

We are having our first dissection in my Challenge A class next week: a cow’s eyeball. To prepare, I asked a homeschooling friend with two biology degrees to walk me through it. It was great fun to dissect with all our kids… until Xander’s scalpel slipped.

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He insisted he was all right, that he just needed paper towels to stop the bleeding (and there was quite a bit of blood). Once we finally got the bleeding slowed, we saw that the cut was quite deep. So Rob took Xander to urgent care where he received…a single stitch! He got bandaged up and sent home with bragging rights.

Youth! On the march!

We’re stair-stepping our Awana clubs this year: one in each level!

As a hardcore Bible Drill alum, Awana was foreign to me before having kids. Rob, on the other hand, was a Cubbie himself.  Here’s to another year of hiding God’s Word in our hearts and filling up those uniforms!

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