Month: March 2017

All that Grammar

I sometimes have Xander write out the breadth of his knowledge on the whiteboard. It is incredible to see just how much he knows.

Today, we did history. I wrote out a bunch of historical events and he wrote the dates, from memory.

It’s impressive, but that is not the point.

These are just words and numbers. My prayer is that all of this knowledge turns into true understanding, and leads to wisdom.

Soccer Star

Arya had her first soccer practice today. She’s not particularly fast, or agile, but she wears those socks like a champ!

Six Apart

I was worried that the boys’ six year gap would be too wide.

Turns out, it’s just right.


Xander is now old enough for the T&T pinewood derby. He had a big idea, and he and Rob worked hard to make it a reality. Beginning with the schematics…

And carving the wood block…

And painting…

Here he is with the finished product on the day of the race!

How did it do at the race? No comment.