Xander is now old enough for the T&T pinewood derby. He had a big idea, and he and Rob worked hard to make it a reality. Beginning with the schematics…

And carving the wood block…

And painting…

Here he is with the finished product on the day of the race!

How did it do at the race? No comment.

Snow Day

I was beginning to wonder if we were going to get a snow-free winter. To my chagrin, and my children’s delight, we got a snow day today.

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Silent Night

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Christmas Eve is hard in worship ministry – you don’t really get to worship as a family. But what if, in the future, we could lead worship as a family? Year by year, our dream is becoming reality.

Xander and Arya led the church in Silent Night tonight, in two part harmony.

I cried.

The Gift of Sight

A little over a year ago, I started wondering if Arya might be dyslexic. But since she was an “early” reader, I decided to just give her a little time. When she started learning to read music, however, things became more clear to me. I made an appointment with the eye doctor, and got that farsightedness and astigmatism fixed!

Her first reaction when opening a book: “WHOA!”

Poetry Recital

One of my favorite annual events with our Classical Conversations group is the Poetry Recital.

This year, all three eligible kids recited. My only regret is not panning the camera when Liza forgot which poem she was reciting and whispered to our director. It was adorable!

Xander: Stopping by the woods on a snowy evening, Frost
Arya: I’m Nobody, Dickinson
Aliza: Mary, Mary, Quite Ccontrary, Mother Goose