The Buckeye State

When you marry a minister, you sign on to follow God wherever He sends your husband. For me, that has meant metro Atlanta, Georgia, rural Arkansas, a college town in Texas, and now…

Let’s pause for a second. I’m Nigerian. I was built for the tropics. I don’t do cold.

When we lived in northeast Arkansas, I told Rob that was the farthest north I would ever live. Period. God had other plans.

The morning that I read the description and saw a photo of the church, I told Rob, “This is you.” This is, undeniably, where the Lord wants Rob to serve. That means it is, undeniably, where He wants me to spend my winters.

I’m mostly kidding, of course. A great church (with a large Yoruba membership!), a nice city close to other nice cities, a day’s drive closer to grandparents, lakes, rivers, canals, and 4 distinct seasons. There’s a lot to look forward to!

So here we go. To Ohio.

Own It

I have been working with Xander lately on taking on more self-teaching. He has never had an issue with taking responsibility for his education; from day one, he has understood that nobody can learn for him and that it’s his responsibility to work hard.

This year, the goal is more ownership. With an emerging writer immediately below him and an emerging reader below that, I do not have as much time to spend with him each school day. This means giving him far more self-guided study time. This child is rising to the occasion, and is showing me that I may have actually been coddling him too much in the past.

He has come up with his own process to study memory work, and he’s carrying it out beautifully. This year he has a big goal for Memory Master, and he is doing what it takes. For his daily assignments, there are only 2.5 subjects where he needs me to truly teach (math, Essentials, some history). The rest of the time, he is teaching himself and asking for guidance when he needs it.

What an example for his siblings, and what an answer to this parent/teacher’s prayers!

Summa, Summa, Summatime

What has happened since the last post? Well…
We celebrated the April-borns with a science themed birthday party. Things got a little messy.

Easter this year landed on little Liza’s birthday. We had a fantastic day celebrating the Resurrection.

My favorite sister came over for a visit.

With Easter prep, spring concert rehearsals and performances, end of CC year projects and banquets, homeschool choir rehearsals and performances, and end of church calendar banquets, we spent most of April at church. Good thing the kids love the place. 

Xander has been doing some front proch whittling, and still has 10 fingers.

And the big kids have been best of buddies. (most of the time)

Family Camp happened. And it was fun.

We took a surprise trip to the Dallas Museum of Art, where Arya saw a real Monet.

Board games have been played.

Books have been read. And read. And read. 

We’ve even had a little summer school. Aaron made remedial math a little more exciting.

We rocked the VBS praise team for “Gawactic Star Vaders”, according to Aaron. Xander rapped during Sin Messed Everything Up. He’s got bars. Who knew?

Xander went to programming camp.

Our local Classical Conversations Practicum happened the next week. Mom coordinated it. Dad spoke at it. All 4 kids were in camps. By the end of the weekend we were tired.

And we celebrated America’s birthday in style.

And now? We’re driving across half the country to go spend some time with all the grandparents.

This post was written beside a Civil War canon on the banks of the Mississippi River. Pretty sweet.


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Today, we celebrated 9 years of Alexander. I am incredibly proud of how far he has come in his short life. I love who he is, and I love who he is becoming. May God guide us through the second half of his childhood, and grow Xander into a man who knows, loves, and serves Him.

Mischief Managed

He did it!

Xander set a big goal for Classical Conversations at the beginning of last school year: triple-cycle memory master. He wants to be able to recite every piece of memory work from all three years. As of today, he is officially 2/3 of the way there!

This month, he successfully recited cycles 1 and 2 of the CC memory work… four times for four people, with NO mistakes!

That’s well over 1100 pieces of information that he is able to recite verbatim!

All that Grammar

I sometimes have Xander write out the breadth of his knowledge on the whiteboard. It is incredible to see just how much he knows.

Today, we did history. I wrote out a bunch of historical events and he wrote the dates, from memory.

It’s impressive, but that is not the point.

These are just words and numbers. My prayer is that all of this knowledge turns into true understanding, and leads to wisdom.

Soccer Star

Arya had her first soccer practice today. She’s not particularly fast, or agile, but she wears those socks like a champ!

Six Apart

I was worried that the boys’ six year gap would be too wide.

Turns out, it’s just right.